How fast is your serve?

The world's first app to make serving fun!

Measure, improve and share your serve.

BreakPoint will change the way you view your serve. Our innovative AI will measure the speed and accuracy of your serve using just your iPhone. Attach it on the opposite side of the court and let the phone do the rest. Share your recordings with friends and coaches.

Capture every moment

Attached your iPhone on the opposite side of the court. And just start serving. The camera will automatically detect the speed of every serve you take.

See it all on your wrist

Our Apple Watch App allows you to control your phone. See all speeds and accuracy on your wrist without having to rewatch your video.

See your improvement

See how your serve is improving. Measure the accuracy and speed of your serve whenever you're on the court.

Play Games

How many points can you score? Can you hit all the cones? Play our AR games in BreakPoint

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